Just Jacinda! Jacinda Jacobs talks Business, Books and Being Blessed!

Jacinda Jacobs is a woman on a mission and a woman with a purpose. Having an extensive background in television and radio, she continues to evolve, grow and share her passion with the world. We’ve worked with Jacinda on multiple projects with PAC Public Relations and continue to show our support on her most recent endeavor in the world of publishing. Check out what this media maven is up to!

Q. What would you say is your greatest accomplishment in your career?

The greatest accomplishment in my career, thus far, is following my heart and leaving a full-time job to pursue happiness. It was one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make because it made no sense to others…the leap I was about to make. They couldn’t see it and thought I was crazy. Even this question, I’m sure you expected a different answer. However, the thing that makes my heart smile, and the memory that I enjoy reliving each day, is the one where I no longer followed what others thought I should do and decided to start living this life for me.

Q. What do you love most about living/working in Charlotte?

Charlotte has been an absolute blessing to my soul. Moving here 10 years ago gave me the opportunity to start over and become the woman I always dreamed of becoming…that which is respected, and with substance. I made a lot of bad decisions as a young adult, as many of us do. I am so grateful for the opportunity of second chances. I truly feel that Charlotte has hugged me and loved me through my transformation from young wild girl on the radio to prayer warrior and inspirational host. I always say Charlotte is clean and green. In many ways, it’s an open canvas for you to build and create newness. This is not a competing market where thousands of people are doing the same thing. We’re much smaller, which gives the opportunity to build and create your own. There are so many new people who move here every year. It’s a melting pot of culture and growth. I love Charlotte and I’m grateful to marry a man who was born and raised here.

Q. How many years did it take to write your book, Uniquely Qualified?

I started the book writing process in 2014. I thought it would take a year or two. It actually took three long, stinking years to write this thing. I truly believe your biggest dream will take the hardest time to achieve. There was not one part of the process that was easy. Each door I walked through, presented another row of obstacles. We decided to self-publish which made everything even more difficult. Now that I have Uniquely Qualified in hand, it’s not over. We have another mountain ahead of us and that’s getting the book out and having as many people as possible read it.

Q. What is the best advice you can give someone?

I have two pieces of advice that are near and dear to my heart. First, stay true to your authentic self. Be who you are fully, and completely. This may require you to take risks and step out of line so-to-speak, but there is no better feeling in the world than being free. I believe when you hide your true self, a piece of you dies in the cover-up. Be you! Others will love this about you. Secondly, never quit. It may sound cliché but it’s this step in life that separates the masses from the 1%. So many people start projects and quit because it gets hard. It’s supposed to be hard or everyone would do it. Take baby steps and never freaking quit. See you at the top because I’m not a quitter.

Q. Do you ever get nervous emceeing events?

Yes, there are some speaking events that make me nervous. They’re random events too. I get nervous at my Bible Studies lol! There may be 10 people there, but I will feel butterflies. I may get nervous at random Hornets games for no specific reason at all, maybe I didn’t study my lines enough or maybe it’s just an “off” day. However, for the most part, I thrive in this element. I love the mic. I love center stage. I love sharing information and giving personality. If I start off with a sensation of nervousness, it’s usually gone after a few minutes and then I rock out from there.

Q. Who is your favorite local designer?

Hard question, but I don’t really have a favorite. I will wear anything from consignment stores, designer, boutiques to high-end fashion. It depends on the day and event. Now anyone who knows me, knows I love my Five13 Studio in Southend. If I have an upcoming event, that’s where I go all the time.

New book written by Jacinda Jacobs in Charlotte

Q. What would you say is your greatest talent?

My greatest talent is creating an atmosphere of inspiration. While I love public speaking and hosting, it’s taken me years to learn I can’t just work any event. I can’t just be a news anchor or a morning radio host. The information shared needs to be my heartbeat. I am very selective about the events I say “yes” to and that’s because my talent is to share, give and be an inspiration. I want to work community events and ministry events. I love spotlighting great people and awesome organizations that are changing the community, one person at a time. I want to deliver my talent in a way that can be motivational and empowering. My talent is media, but my passion is ministry. When both collide, I become an atmosphere changer.

Q. What’s the one thing you love best about working with your Husband, FlyTy?

I love working with my husband FlyTy because he’s a super busy man and sometimes that’s the only way we can have date night lol! When I look at our schedules, all I see are a gazillion events that he has on his calendar. When we get to work together, we both get to be creative and spontaneous in our element. We both get to pray together and secretly hold hands or share a kiss when no one is watching. Every time we work together, it’s our date night and I love it. He’s my work husband!

Q. What keeps you motivated every single day?

Passion for what I do keeps me motivated. I love ministry, I love people, I love spreading inspiration so I eagerly get up every morning on fire for new ways to walk this walk. I seriously love life. Back when I was working a normal full-time job at the radio station or the TV station, I was missing this passion. Now that I tapped into it, BOOM you can’t stop me! My love for Christ, my mission and assignment are all what keeps me driven.

Q. Three things most people do not know about you?

First, I was raised in Germany. I was born in Miami, but as a little girl my father got stationed in Frankfurt, Germany. I lived there for 7 years and both of my brothers were born there. These memories and experiences are ones I will cherish forever. Second, I’m left handed lol! Third, I’m actually way funnier than FlyTy. People always think it’s him but actually, in our family, I’m the funny, crazy loud one…which is why he married me lol!

Q. Best advice you ever received?

The best advice I ever received is to love every person right where they are. I never judge. I actually get super, extremely angry at someone always talking negatively about a person’s race or sexuality. Why can’t we just acknowledge that they’re a person- dang! I love people right where they are and in the state that they’re in. I try not to ever judge someone because I was once in a dark time in my life and I thank the Lord every day that the people around me didn’t judge me. If it wasn’t for them loving me right where I was, I probably wouldn’t be here today.

Q. What is one food you cannot live without?

I cannot live without pizza! It’s not a game!!!

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