Ms. Antriece invites us to have breakfast with her.

Ms. Antriece is on a mission to create a sustainable network of small & minority business owners that can fulfill the demand for services and goods to corporations within our city and state. And, well, we think she’s doing an amazing job at it! We sat down with Ms. Antriece who has an extensive background in media relations, broadcasting and hosting and she tells us how we can make our business and brands stand out in 2018.

Q: What is Breakfast Conversations™ Business Networking?

AM: Breakfast Conversations™ is an upscale business networking event that bridges the gap between the City of Charlotte, the city’s leading corporations located here, and small & minority businesses. Ultimately, we want to be the solution that balances small & minority businesses working with corporations in Charlotte and the State of NC annually, to fulfill their demands of goods & services.

Q: Who Can attend Breakfast Conversations™?

AM: All small businesses, all minority-owned businesses, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs can attend.

Q: How is Breakfast Conversations™ beneficial to business owners?

AM: It is always a benefit, to get [and be] connected! It is always beneficial to have conversations about the progression of the small & minority business community of Charlotte and the surrounding areas. North Carolina has been ranked as the number #1 state to start a business and Charlotte, NC has the 2nd Highest Growth in Number of Small Business. In addition, there are more small businesses than any other type of “business”. Small business owners are the glue of the economic impact!

Q: How can a business owner’s brand gain exposure and visibility through Breakfast Conversations™?

AM: First and Foremost, by attending the event! We offer very affordable vendor rates and sponsorship for small & minority businesses, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals. Anyone interested can email

Q: Why is it important to attend Breakfast Conversations™ Business Networking

AM: It’s important to attend because Breakfast Conversations™ will introduce you to city leaders, key decision makers, and vital business chambers/organizations that can help you set-up your business and aid in your success. The majority of small & minority businesses wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to meet these individuals face-to-face, nor one-on-one. It provides a platform for you to know the 5 W’s for doing business with [and in] the City, County, and State.

Q: What attracted you to broadcasting/hosting?

AM: I enjoy asking probing questions to individuals about their defining moments of success. I have a genuine passion for thought-provoking media.

Antriece Mitchell interviews gospel singers Mary Mary

Q: What has broadcasting taught you about yourself?

AM: Broadcasting has taught me that I am able to greatly influence the masses and that I do have an impact on individuals lives.

Q: Favorite moment in broadcasting/hosting?

AM: One of my favorite moments in broadcasting… was receiving the confirmation email that Dr. Maya Angelou wanted to do an interview with me. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, she passed away.  

Q: What need in the community inspired Breakfast Conversations and have you seen a difference since it started?

AM: The need in the [small business] community of Charlotte as it was constantly asked of me [and I do mean constantly asked], “Ms. Antriece how do you work with all of these majorly big companies?” Therefore, that was the need that inspired it all. I knew I had to connect small & minority business owners to corporations, city leaders, and business leaders that could offer big business opportunities. Yes, I have seen a difference, and so have our supporting sponsors. I just had a conversation the other day with one of them, he stated “Ms. Antriece what you are doing, its working for us and for the business owners, your platform allows us to tell business owners the benefits of getting registered and certified.” Since our inception of Breakfast Conversations we have generated $750,000+ of revenue for small & minority business owners.
Alaine and Yandrick and KT Giraldo attend breakfast conversations  

Q: What are your goals for Breakfast Conversations in the next 5 years?

AM: In the next five years [if not before] I would like for Breakfast Conversations Business Networking, to be the most impactful-attended business networking event in North Carolina.

Q: What got you interested in your philanthropy work?

AM: Bible Scriptures Acts 20:35 and Luke 6:38… I grew up in a single mom household, however, she always managed to give so much to others. I was raised to have compassion for others such as raking the leaves for my elderly neighbors. I was the Inspirational Speaker at a high school graduation once, and several months later I happen to go get some food from a fast food drive-thru. When I got to the window, this young lady looked shocked and had very watery eyes, she said, “It’s you, Ms. Antriece, you spoke at my high school graduation and because of you I am studying broadcasting, I want to do media like you”. I cried all the way home! So, that’s why I do it! Knowing that my actions are actually not in vain, makes my heart smile.

Q:  What is your hope for your philanthropy work this year?

AM: My hope for this year [2018] for my philanthropic efforts is to impact more people than I did in 2017 and to broaden my reach across multiple business sectors.

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