Creative Concept

The New Male Warrior® is of Modern Masculinity, he embraces the feminine energies as a compliment to the masculine. He supports gender equality, fights for those that cannot fight for themselves, releases preconceived, old, unworthy traditions that no longer serve humanity. Our featured designers and artists reflect the new world we envision. A world we foresee that puts men that are of Modern Masculinity at the center of attention who are fighting for:

Gender Equality
The empowerment of women! 
The elimination of human trafficking!

FASHION D’LUX brings these energies together, celebrating the New Male Warrior®, focused on delivering harmony and balance to a world in need of humans that do not judge, but instead just love!




Hair and Makeup: Sergio Apaez

Wardrobe: ECRU Fashion, Nyoni Couture, Eyegasmic Swimwear

Styling: Melissa Latin

Featuring: Malou Cordery – Warrior Costumes


Mark Boles

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