Creative Concept

This fashion editorial was inspired by a trip we took to the uber-luxurious destination of Cannes, France, best known for the Cannes Film Festival and vacation spot for the Hollywood elite. The editorial spoke to a romantic evening spent on a yacht at sunset. The backdrop that set the scene was a charming marina located in Lake Norman, NC called the Peninsula Yacht Club. Lake Norman known  for its rich historic culture and steeped in an innate sense of southern tradition is on the precipice of being one of the souths hot spots and pop culture staples. The energy and quintessence of Lake Norman has both a sense of community and affluence that takes us on a  journey of aspirational living manifested into a life reimagined.


Charlotte Living Magazine


Models: Alexis, Bryson, Emily

Make Up: Sergio Apaez

Hair: Aubry Harley

Wardrobe: Kim Pixton & Nyoni Couture

Styling: Melissa Latin


Jason Vittorio

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