Let’s dive deeper into the lives of influential people in the community here in Charlotte. We talked to the man himself, Personal stylist manager at Nordstrom, Fashion and Lifestyle Expert at NBC Charlotte, and fashion-forward trendsetter, Carolina Style Guy aka Hade E. Robinson Jr.

Q: What made you fall in love with fashion?

Hade Robinson: Going shopping every weekend with my parents – you learned to appreciate
great clothes.

Q: What about fashion inspires you?

HR: The idea of starting with
a blank canvas – the body – and dressing it up like you want

Q: One fashion trend you want to see come back into style?

HR: The trend when men and women, dressed like gentleman and
ladies when they were out in public ALWAYS!

Q: Who’s your favorite designer and why?

HR: My favorite designer by far is TOM FORD! He uses the best fabrics and I
appreciate his attention to the simple details…this makes his
collections always in style, and on trend, for years to come.

Q: How long have you been in Charlotte? What do you love most about it

HR: I’ve been in Charlotte for 17 years and I love the sense of community, after growing up in a small town. We have all the amenities like any major city.

look at hade robinson sitting in this fabulous chair at the hilton charlotte center city

Q: What are your hopes for the fashion scene in Charlotte?

HR: My hopes are that the city learns, embraces and invests in
designer dressing.

Q: Must-have winter essentials?

HR: A wool coat at least to the knee, a wool or leather jacket, something with some real fur, and a
good scarf.

Q: What are your lifestyle essentials?

HR: The perfect white shirt with an amazing TOM FORD tie, my Hermes Birkin bag and my Saint Laurent bag which I rotate as my working briefcase; A nice dinner out at least once a week. A perfect glass of red wine every evening to end the day.

Q: If stuck on a deserted island, what are 4 things would you
have with you?

HR: The Bible, Box of Matches, a Knife, and Skin Moisturizer

Q: Best advice you have received?

HR: My Grandfather – “When you know better, you’ll do better”!

Q: Three things about you that most people don’t know.

HR: Oh wow
1. I love reading a good book (hardback only)
2. I’m a really good cook.
3. I can listen to Black Gospel music ALL day!
Contact Hade Robinson Jr. www.carolinastyleguy.com

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