A Free Design Tool That Will Save You Thousands! 

Ever stumbled across one of those really great tools and wonder how you have survived this long without it ?  I had been very frustrated always waiting for my graphic designers to get back concepts to me and often times not being what I had envisioned. I was fiddling around in Google docs trying to construct a layout to send off for its design and was obviously frustrated. Joshua Anglero, Founder of Wribits, an up-and-coming Tech Start-up specializing in web-resource integration, suggested I try a little website called Canva.com.

Here is list of my top features that Canva provides. Sign up is instantaneous.

  • Web-Based. Save-as-you-work
  • Pre-Formatted layout for popular social media sites
  • Easy drag and drop placement
  • Free Templates
  • Free Icons
  • Ability to upload your own art files
  • Instantly converts to Image or .PDF file

If those features didn’t sound enticing enough, the best part is that the application is FREE. I promise this app will get your creative juices flowing. This simple and uncomplicated app promises to infuse an ease and fluidity back into your creative work flow and bring back the joy of design!
Check it out today! Canva.com

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