Fighting the Status Quo on the Typical Narrow View of Family “Norms”

Take look and a listen to our recent appearance on the Disrupt Now Podcast

Families are created with love. The “family unit” is traditionally looked at as a man, a woman, and child(ren). But, that’s quite narrowminded in 2018, isn’t it?!

In this episode, we’re focusing on LOVE and you’re going to get the opportunity to meet two of Natalie Viglione’s favorite people in Charlotte, Peter Anthonii Carey, and Joshua (or Josh) Anglero – they are business owners, partners in life, and are polar opposites.

They have managed to identify their strengths and channel the efforts into creating a company, PAC Public Relations (PR and Web design agency), but what this episode is about is something much BIGGER than even owning a business.

We discuss the status quo as it relates to love – love in the family way, but not in the traditional sense of what the “norm” is as it relates to a family. There are still a lot of problems as to how our society handles “family” as it relates to LGTB legalities and parenting.


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